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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lucky Scrabble Sign-A Tutorial

First I took a piece of wood and painted the edges XMas Green.

After the paint dried, I Mod Podged the top of the board with a thick layer.

I added a piece of cardstock on top and smoothed it down with a scraper. I then let it dry for about 30 mins.

While the first layer of Mod Podge was drying, I cut 4 shamrocks, on my Silhouette, and a piece of cardstock to go on top of the bottom layer, and distressed them with Distress Ink and a blender pad.

I painted the rose colored cardstock with a heavy layer of Mod Podge.  I put the striped cardstock, centered on the board, and smoothed it down with a scraper. I let this dry for at least thirty minutes. You know it's dry because the Mod Podge becomes completely clear and loses all the white color.

I heavily Mod Podged over the project again.  I carefully spaced the four Shamrocks and glued them down on top of the striped cardstock.  I smoothed them down with the eraser of a pencil so they would stick well.  I let them dry about 30 minutes.

I added another heavy layer of Mod Podge to the entire top surface of the project.  I let it dry for an hour.

Using the belt sander, I sanded the edges of the board.  I then used the Distressing ink to distress the edges to blend it together.

I measured out the letters.  I glued them using wood glue.

Tada!  I'm "Lucky" to have this great decoration.
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  1. How cute! Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is vwry cute.

  3. So sorry Very cute

  4. Thank you Lauren and Jan. I really am happy with the way it turned out.

  5. Love it! I've been wanting to do some "lucky" decorating, I have a bunch of scrabble pieces, you have definitely inspired me, thank you!!! :-)

  6. I love scrabble art! Nice job!

  7. Don't you just love making things with Scrabble tiles. Scrabble games are definitely on my "yard sale" search list for this spring/summer.

  8. This is adorable!! You did a great job!!!
    rhonda :-)

  9. Aww... thanks guys. I love Scrabble tiles and must admit it makes me grateful that my husband "collects" games so I can rob him of his tiles!


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