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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shamrock Clippies-A Tutorial

Here's another last year repost!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I hope you're enjoying the green around you.  I finally made the hair clips to go with my daughters' St. Patrick's Day shirts.  They were relatively easy to make. Here's a picture of one of the six clips I made.
This one has pink dots on the green ribbon.  I kind of like it.

All you need to make these clips are: a lighter, scissors, grosgrain ribbon, alligator clips, and a glue gun.

First, I cut 6 pieces of ribbon into approx. 2.5" lengths.

Using a lighter, I "melted" each edge of the ribbon, to keep it from fraying. This just takes a second and you can see the ribbon edge get a little shiny, letting you know it's done.

I hot glued 2 pieces of ribbon together making 3 "Ls".

I took the ribbon that was the over piece, and made put it under the other piece of ribbon.

I hot glued it in place.  Now it looks like a lowercase b or a foot.

I took the other piece of ribbon and wove it under, then over the first piece of ribbon.  I hot glued it on top.  It makes a heart shape. Each clippie needs three hearts.  So, repeat.  Repeat.

I then cut a piece of ribbon about 4.5 inches long. I "heated" the edges of the ribbon with the lighter.

I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the clip starting at the top.

I then hot glued the ribbon to the "mouth" of the clip.

I continued to hot glue the ribbon to the top of the clip.

I hot glued the rest of the ribbon to the inside of the clip. Only a back section is left exposed.
So, now I have three hearts, a covered clip, and a little pink bow.  It's almost ready for final assembly.

With the "mouth" of the clip down, I hot glued the first heart to the top part of the clip.

I then hot glued the other two hearts to either side.

Then I attached the bow in the middle.  I think this turned out super cute.  Now I know why my daughter calls shamrocks, "hearts". They do look like they have hearts in them!

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  1. I love the one you made for Anna! She looks precious in it! Thanks so much!


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