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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A few money saving tips

I have a few money saving tips that I wanted to share with you!  These are things I have learned recently that have really helped me and I hope they will help you as well.

Tip #1:  Don't buy shaving cream!
Did you know that conditioner works just as well if not better than shaving cream?  I always have leftover conditioner.  When I run out of conditioner I make sure to purchase moisturizing conditioner.  It doesn't need to be expensive conditioner, just moisturizing!  I have found that my legs are softer and don't need lotion since I have substituted conditioner for shaving cream.

Tip #2:  Grow Green onions from the ones you used in tonight's dinner!
Green onions are expensive.  I recently learned that green onions will grow back when put in water.  When I use green onions in a meal, I cut off all the green portion for my meal and then I put the white part in a wide vase of water.  In a matter of days you will have long fresh green onion again.  This is also fun for the kids to watch!  Change the water every couple of days so it doesn't get funky smelling.

Tip #3:  Where to buy replacement glass
I have two boys, enough said, right?  I bought a beautiful large picture frame for our living room.  Evan got interested in the frame and decided to hit it with one of his plastic golf clubs.  Ugh!  The glass was shattered to smithereens! I was then on the hunt for replacement glass.  I called every glass shop in a half hour radius.  The replacement glass would cost me just a few dollars less than the cost of the frame.  Then I thought about those huge home improvement stores, you know the names, I don't need to advertise for them.  I got a sheet of glass cut for my frame (with leftover glass to keep) for $10!  That was a fourth of the cost of the glass shops!  Now, I even have extra glass for future breaks and also for some crafts!

Those are my favorite tips from the last month or two.  I'll have more and I promise I will share them with you!

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  1. Also I was going to say you could replace 4 x 6 adn 5x7 glass by using glass out of a frame from the dollar store. I am not sure if they sell frames larger than that. Thanks for the tips.


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