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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have a craft room!

On Friday, we will be blessed with a 'new to us' dining room set.  My husband's Aunt and Uncle are incredibly generous to us!

Since we will be getting this new set, that means our current dining room table needs to move.  We plan to it our kitchen, which in turn means we need to move our kitchen table.  Bingo!  I have a new craft table.  What does a new craft table need?  A craft room to exist in!

We have a family room downstairs that isn't getting utilized. As of this morning, it was a storage room for all the junk we have accumulated since Christmas and before.  Here is its sad state:
Evan doesn't seem to mind its messy state!
When I get an idea in my head, it is hard to convincing me otherwise.  I am a woman on a mission to transform this room into my craft room.  My Mom calls be the "Human Tornado."  I don't move slowly and I do more than I should.  The hubby wasn't home so anything that needed to be moved out, was done by me. You can call me patient as well (note sarcasm).  I did wait for him to help me move the table downstairs though.

I now have a craft room that can also be used by our family to watch television as well.  My husband announced to the kids tonight that they wouldn't see Mommy anymore in the evening as I would be in the craft room.  That's not completely true as the craft room is right next to the play room.  I think that is quite convenient!

After working for a few hours, this is what it looks like:

Now I get to utilize my craft room by creating some art for the walls!  They are bare and need some attention!  I will share my crafts and new pictures as it continues to transform!

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