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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Connection

A follower asked us how Jill and I met.  I have to admit, I kind of chuckled.  Jill and I are breast friends.  We are!

In my bio I said how I met many of my friends from my children.  Well, it's true.  It's also true that things happen for a reason.  At least in my case.

Breastfeeding did not come easy for me.  So, in September, 2006, as a mom of a two week old, I went to a breastfeeding support group.  There I met Jill, with her four month old son, Ryan.  We also met our three other breast friends. Amy, whose daughter Samy was a month old when we met her. Jennifer, whose son Jack was six weeks old when we met him.  Karla, whose daughter, Antonia, was five months old when we met her.  Our oldest kids have known each other most of their lives.  The five moms connected and Amy coined us, "Breast friends."

We've connected so well that in May, 2008 Jennifer had her second son, Abe.  In June, 2008, Jill had her second son, Evan.  In December, 2008, Amy had her second child, Quentin.  In January, 2009, I had my second daughter, Mariella.  Karla held and loved all our babies and told us how much she was enjoying her sleep!

Here are breast friend photos from November 2009.
Evan, Jill, Chris, and Ryan

John, Jack, Jennifer, and Abe

Sam, Samy, Amy, and Quentin

Chuck, Antonia, and Karla

Mariella, Shannon, John, and GraciAnn

The Kiddos
Jack, Ryan, Evan, Abe, GraciAnn, Mariella, Antonia, Aria (a neighbor), Samy, and Quentin

Jill decided to add a third to her mix and welcomed Anna in August of 2010.  Jennifer and I smile at Anna and tell her how beautiful she is.  Then we tell Jill that we are really enjoying our sleep.  Karla giggles and hugs her "only", beautiful almost five year old. Amy contemplates whether or not she wants to add a third. Then there's Jilll who's actually considering a fourth.  Amazing!

So, you see what I mean when I say things happen for a reason. If breastfeeding would have come easily for me, I wouldn't know these wonderful women that mean so much to me.  My children wouldn't have these wonderful friends they've known literally, all their lives.

Dear follower, would you ever have thought we'd have such a connection?  Interesting, eh? 
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  1. I love this. I do hope you are saving hard copies of all these. They will delight your daughters and help you write your autobiography one day!


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